Here is a list of the meetings which accept posters or presentation submissions. These happen annually and we should have updated details when each meeting is annouced on our Courses and Meetings page.

Blair Bell Research Society Annual Academic Meeting. Takes place in January with submissions the previous October. Further details on the RCOG page. All research methodology accepted. Teaching/Education abstracts have to be O&G based. Submitter must be a trainee

-Glasgow Obstetric and Gynaecological Society Trainee’s Night. This takes place in January with abstract deadlines usually in October. Submitted abstracts can be chosen for presentation either by oral or poster presenation. Please see the GOGS website for details.

-AMONGST Please see the AMONGST page for further details.

SpROGS is the national confererence for O&G trainees. In 2013 it will be held in Nottingham on Thursday the 5th to Friday the 6th of December. There are opportunties to submit abstracts.