Paperwork submission deadline – Friday 7th June 2019

The ARCP panel will meet on Friday 21st June 2019 to review everyone’s paperwork.  Trainees do not attend this panel. Submission of your paperwork/completion of your eportfolio must be by 2 weeks before (i.e. 7th June).

Your outcome will be recorded on TURAS and it will be accessible there after the panel meets.

Depending on your outcome, you may be asked to attend a follow-up meeting.

Required evidence to be submitted

Educational supervisor's report
TO2 form
Regional teaching sessions form
ATSM forms (ST6/7 only)
Absence declaration
Completed SOAR decleration
Matrix requirements in your eportfolio

The 2018-19 RCOG training matrix can be found here.  It contains everything you need to meet your ARCP requirements.

You will see that for teaching attendance the matrix states that you have to meet local requirements. In the West of Scotland you must attend at least 50% of teaching that you were available to attend (i.e. not on call/annual leave).  Keep a note of which sessions you attend and, if you don’t attend, what the reason was.

If you have any questions regarding the ARCP you should email the Training Programme Administrator.