Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology follows a “Run Through” system from ST1-7.


For the RCOG training matrix, which explains the key points at which certain mandatory training requirements should be achieved, click here. On that page, there is also information on how the training matrix relates to the ARCP.


There are a few mandatory requirements that are worth being aware of, but this list is not meant to be exhaustive. Please check the training matrix to confirm what the mandatory requirements are for your stage of training.


MRCOG: These are postgraduate exams, which take place in three stages. MRCOG Part 1 should be achieved by the end of ST2 and Parts 2 and 3 should be achieved by the end of ST5. For more information on exams, see the RCOG website here which contains information about fees, exam dates and locations and how to apply. There are two sittings of exams (parts 1-3) every year, and you are required to enter several months in advance.


Ultrasound: All trainee have to complete the Basic Ultrasound Modules. There are two: module 1 is based around transabdominal ultrasound of pregnancies between 8-12 weeks and module 2 is based around fetal growth and placental location. If you started ST1 in August 2013 or later, you have to complete the modules by the end of ST3; if you started ST1 before August 2013, you must complete them by the end of ST5. It’s worth bearing in mind that trainees who wish to undertake ATSMs in Early Pregnancy and Fetal Medicine will need to complete the Intermediate Ultrasound Modules prior to starting the ATSM, and obviously the basic modules need to be completed first. The RCOG guidance on the Ultrasound Training is summarised here. Our local Deanery Ultrasound Coordinator is Dr M Leadingham.