Those of you joining the programme will be aware that you need to complete the Basic Ultrasound Modules in Basic early pregnancy and Basic ultrasound of fetal size, liquor and the placenta.

These have to be competed by [the end of] ST3. At present we are prioritising ST2s in the region to receive their training as there are limitations in training slots particularly in GGC. For those of you who are now ST2 or ST3 and haven’t done their training, this will be organised for you over the course of the year. The local educational supervisor who is responsible for signing these off will expect to see a completed copy of these at the end of the block for each module. This will give us an idea whether you are seeing an appropriate number and mix of patients so it is allowing us to assess how good your training is and address deficiencies if it isn’t adequate- so please can you fill it in. The sonographers who are training you are not paid for this as part of their normal daily activities so please appreciate that they are doing us a favour by taking us into the various departments to teach. We will ask you to complete an online Survey Monkey at the end of your training so that we can ensure quality training in every unit.

As from August 2015 ALL trainees UP TO ST 7 WILL BE REQUIRED TO SUBMIT AN ANNUAL OSAT IN BOTH BASIC MODULES. This will be on the RCOG Matrix. If you don’t have an OSAT for each module and have completed your ultrasound training at the next ARCP then you wont be able to progress. You should make the most of opportunities to maintain your skills after you have done the Basic modules eg in antenatal clinics, in labour ward in emergency gynaecology and ask the Consultant who is with you to sign an OSAT. The local educational supervisor within your own unit will also be addressing ways in which you will be able to maintain your skills and for some of you this will mean being released from the local teaching in order to have training in the ultrasound department within your hospital.

For those of you about to undertake the intermediate scanning modules, there are new log books which will be released from the RCOG in September. These are being used as a pilot in the first instance and will be paper based. Again please can you fill these in so that we can assess the training that is being provided in our Deanery. De Ledingham will need these logbooks for review on completion of the module.

If you have not yet informed Dr Ledingham of your wish to commence the basic modules, please inform her as soon as possible.

Formal applications for the intermediate modules occur at the same time as the applications for ATSMs. Remember we want to see some evidence of interest in ultrasound and ongoing competency. There are limited numbers of ultrasound training slots in the deanery for the intermediate modules and while we have been able to accommodate trainees to date, we may find the need to allocate on a competitive basis in the future.

Intermediate Module Application

Edited version of communication from Dr Ledingham in August 2015